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Pete creates his work by recycling used postage stamps into pixelated images. Each stamp represents a pixel. By choosing the every day objects of postage stamps and placing them so that their usual significance becomes obscure enables the audience to see 'Art' with new eyes. He is best known for his portraits but he also creates a variety of other images from stamps. Explore the website  to find out more about the artist and his work and click images and follow the links for more information.
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Madonna and Child Tribute to Leete Tribute To Bridget Riley
 Happy Birthday Madonna!

Images of the Madonna and Child have inspired artists from the earliest times. Pete was impressed Madonna on stage at Live 8, together with Birham Woldu, a young Ethiopian woman, who had been introduced to the world at the first Live Aid Concert as a starving child. In this work the child Jesus is depicted as an African girl, using Birham as a struggling baby, stretching away from her background to escape poverty. African stamps are applied in a colourful haphazard manner representing the diverse environments and peoples of the continent. Madonna is depicted in white, virginal purity. She represents Western ideology in a tailored suit, with immaculate hair and jewellery. Her fingernails become gradually chipped and dirtier from tending the earth and planting seeds. Both figures have halos and that of the child incorporates the words from Madonna’s song, “I hear your voice, it’s like an angel sighing”,--but who listens?

Commemorating one hundred years since the start of the First World War

This iconic image created from over 3000 postage stamps commemorates one hundred years since the start of World War 1. The recruitment poster of Lord Kitchener was first designed by Alfred Leete in 1914 and has been greatly used in advertising ever since. This canvas uses cool colours against the warm reds of the stylised poppies in the background creating a never ending link between the poppy fields and the Great War.
Optical Art in Stamps

This tribute to Bridget Riley is created from over 3000 used postage stamps and is based on a detail from a 1961 picture entitled ‘Movement in Squares’- one of the best known iconic early works. Her designs call for a response from her audience. Her work ‘Op (Optical) Art’ as it became known was based on a black and white palette creating intense optical disturbances when stared at for a while without blinking. Her style, working slowly and methodically suits Pete’s stamp art using simple elements such as the oval, curve, square and even zigzag ~ her achievement however is massive scale which one day Pete wishes to emulate given the right future commission.

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