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Welcome to the website of Peter R. Mason 'The Post Pop Art Man'

Noel Edmonds receives his portrait from Pete. Cliff Richard receives his portrait Bruce Forsyth and his portrait Ron Atkinson and his portrait Tom Baker with his portrait
Pete creates his work by recycling used postage stamps into pixelated images. Each stamp represents a pixel. By choosing the every day objects of postage stamps and placing them so that their usual significance becomes obscure enables the audience to see 'Art' with new eyes. He is best known for his portraits but he also creates a variety of other images from stamps. Explore the website  to find out more about the artist and his work and click images and follow the links for more information.
See NEWS page for the more information. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Off-paper used stamps sponsored by Court Philatelics, Bedfordshire 0843 277 2508
My tribute to the Queen in her 90th year
Happy Birthday Your Majesty
My tribute to Bob Dylan in his 75th year
"Times they are a changin".

This image celebrates HRH Queen Elizabeth II‘s 90th birthday. Based on a playing card, the type of which has been part of a ‘hand’ dealt to virtually every person in the country, being symbolic of the closeness of the Queen to her royal supporters. The top face silhouettes her in profile as depicted on the 1st class stamp (of a first class monarch) and the other face is a Pop Art representation. Her face is portrayed in a variety of commemorative stamps issued by the Royal Mail throughout her reign. They are to be found across the middle of the design symbolic of her being central to the lives of many. The hearts in the bottom graphic show postage strata lines and the hearts near the top show postmarks from many areas of her country .This is not just one portrait of Her Majesty but a birthday design of almost 3000 faces provided by a variety of British definitive stamps.


This image of Dylan is created from approximately 3000 used postage stamps. The portrait is composed of mainly British definitive stamps with the exception of the scarf which has been created using the American Liberty Bell USA 13 cent postage stamp showing a pictorial bell and the writing “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land” in sepia ink.Bob Dylan is an American singer-songwriter, artist and writer. He has been influential in pop music and culture for more than five decades and will celebrate his 75th birthday on 25th May 2016. Although best known for his music his drawings and paintings have been exhibited worldwide in major galleries.

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  • Please remember that photographs cannot do justice to the original work. 


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